1. I hear you on the 3 year old. Mine does pretty well for the most part and (some of) the girls are good about playing with him or reading to him, but I’m already looking at next year and realizing I. have. got. to. have. a. plan. : ) And, I’m hoping that usually extremely long bedtime routine that he and I have consisting of at least 1/2 dozen books a night help with the fact my attention is elsewhere during the day. And, I so get you on the OR in schooling. I have come to that conclusion as well, and we are working towards getting our CC in (which we were somewhat) but it is now that main thrust of our spring semester. I’m assembling CC binders for each of the girls and it will have worksheets for the week and am really stepping up our CC game. I went to a windows on challenge meeting before Christmas and was just more than ever convinced that their high school program is where we need to end up, ergo, I really need to make the investment in this foundations and essentials work. Our SOTW reading has been relegated to one day a week with none of the extras as is our Answers in Genesis science … and I’m keeping the reading because we do love listening to both of those “texts.” Too many good things.

  2. It is hard to accept that your younger children’s days are going to be different. I can remembering just sitting and reading for hours to my oldest two years ago. Now my day is a juggling act and I always feel someone gets the short end of my time.

    I have an active 4yr old who loves to partner up with my cute 2 yr old and make school interesting. I’m working on giving him some more structure but the boy just wants to run.

    Life is never boring, right? You have to love it, challenges and all.

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