1. My older children has read this series on their own. On a recent road trip they requested the audio book to listen to. It is a fabulous read (and a great audio book). There are so many good discussion points throughout the series.

  2. I was raised on fantasy – we had the whole series in paperback, beat-up even when I was young, and I read them over and over again. My son and I did the series on audiobook last year and really enjoyed it, too!

  3. I found your blog when I was googling whether or not Gretchen Rubin is a Christian (you had the answer), and I started reading your blog. I think I’m going to subscribe in Bloglovin. Thanks for the great book recommendations. We do a lot of read alouds around here.

  4. I have this on my Kindle and plan to read it this year after seeing Janet recommend the series I think last year. I don’t read fantasy often but like it sometimes. I especially like that it usually involves a quest that is daunting to the main character.

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