1. juanita

    I guess we do circle time, although I don’t call it that. Right now, we just read our Bible lesson, discuss our virtue of the week and read a related story or poem.

    We do our memory work as a separate thing. We have Memory Work Monday, when we review old memory work, recite current memory work, receive new assignments and update the folders. At this time we also learn about the writers of the hymns, poems, Bible verses the kids will be learning and maybe some background information.

    Ana is also learning “Be Thou My Vision”, her poem is “Stopping by the Woods,” and her Bible verse is John 1:1-18. We also go over math, grammar and history memory work at that time although it is more of a chance show what they’ve remembered than to learn it. The learning is done through the week, as we drive, before bed, independently, during subject lessons etc.

    Ana’s read aloud is usually done after lunch and at bedtime, although it could happen any time.

    As you say, it’s a work in progress. We could be doing something very different in 2 months. I love to hear how other homeschoolers do things.

  2. Jennifer

    We don’t so circle time, but with a 6 year age gap ( 4 and 10 yo) how would you suggest going about a circle time? Meet somewhere in the middle, teach at the oldest child’s level…? I know some things could be done together, but how could I make this run smoothly if i chose to implement this?

    • Amy

      I’d focus on the older child and bring the 4 year old in as appropriate–i.e. with Bible memory and nursery rhymes for poetry, etc. Add some great picture books or even a chapter book that will appeal to her if she’s ready for that. Here are some chapter book suggestions for young listeners:


      My best advice is to check out Cindy’s posts that I linked to. She has a passel of children–all boys except one girl–and she’s been at this for a long time! Read her series from beginning to end and be encouraged and inspired!

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