1. I also loved Rose Under Fire. After thinking about it a bit, I think it’s a less enjoyable book than Code Name Verity. Verity was just such a surprise, in that I read it without expectations and was blown away. And it had the mystery aspect. I read Rose Under Fire with all sorts of expectations. For the most part, it lived up to them but it was a more difficult book. In some ways, I think it’s the better book as it’s more rich and complex. But it’s like comparing really good chocolate cake and really good lemon meringue pie. Who cares which is better?

  2. Oh Yay! A finalist! That sounds absolutely interesting! That’s at my library!

    I’ve placed a hold and am planning to squeeze my way into reading at least a little for the Armchair Cybils!

    And use exclamation points 😛

  3. I also read this because of Code Name Verity. And while it wasn’t as exciting in that twist and turn way that Verity was, it was a compelling book in its own way. It is very difficult subject matter but it’s important. Wein is a wonderful writer.

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