1. Happy sigh. I love Emily almost as much as I love Anne. 😉 And it’s been longer since I last read her. I may have to add those books to my reading stack again…

  2. But 40 isn’t old. It’s just old to be a MISS. One has to be eccentric to not be a matron by that time.

    For myself, I wonder if this isn’t the beginning of the Red Hat Club (except that they only admit women over 50.)

  3. Oh, if only you could sit down with some of the old-timers out here. Everyone really is interesting, and you hear about all of them…and their relatives (up to second cousins twice removed) and neighbours (their cousins live down the hill from the purple house, don’t they? when the house has been a different colour for ten years already…). My husband is a lay pastor at a church where everyone who attends has been there (in that church, in that community) for several hundred years. (OK, starting with their great great grandparents, but you know what I mean.)

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