1. I’ve heard so much about Kisses From Katie – I really need to check into it some time.

    I loved the Incorrigible series, too, and just started the fourth book today.

    Paperboy sounds really interesting.

  2. I’ve read Margin (loved it) but not Contentment. I have the sample on my Kindle though (just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet!). I had trouble getting through Kisses from Katie–maybe because it made me feel guilty. I definitely admire what she’s doing though and applaud her for it.

    I always love your lists. Working my way through them now…

  3. I did a rather pathetic job of reading non-fiction this year myself, and I didn’t even have a list to start from or a good excuse like a new baby to fall back on! : ) I was just plain lazy – I really want to participate in both of those bookclubs with you and was just pitiful about getting off my rear and reading them (and doing any kind of book blogging in general!) I have some thoughts on where I want to go in 2014 with books – one of which is to read a BUNCH of CS Lewis. I’ve read next to nothing of his beyond Narnia and I find that to be slightly embarrassing!

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