1. I couldn’t do the wrapping this year, but our big basket of books is out all the same. : ) I’m a little scared to count, but I’m working on a list and may post before the holidays are through (and I know I’ve added a few new ones this year as well).

    Question – I really want to do this next year for Easter / Lent with the same kind of book basket, nightly reading, etc. Do you have a list of your Easter books on your blog? I realized, to my shame, that my list of Easter books compared to Christmas book is sadly lacking, but I need some ideas. Thoughts?

  2. What a GREAT idea! I know of no better way to keep children loving books then to be in them with them at every chance you get!…(coming from a retired primary grade teacher and children’s librarian)!

  3. I love how you divided up the title here by categories. That’s helpful. I am asked quite frequently which titles we own (and why) and this is a handy list. (It’s also handy to me because I don’t have all of these titles and so I see I can add some to our list.)

    You’ve also made me feel better about the quantity we own. 🙂 I get picked on for that too. But HOW can you have TOO MANY books?!

    I don’t know but my friend (who we took pictures of) does. We swapped a photo session for bags for books so that I didn’t have to wrap them all this year. SO WORTH it (to me)!


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