1. I had much the same thoughts. I didn’t have to read Crayons out loud though, I enjoyed it alone over coffee at the bookstore (while doing some Cybil reading :)). I know my kids will love it too but I agree it’s probably a better giggle-to-youself-alone book than a book enjoyed out loud.

    I also really wanted to like the Whale book but felt the same way as you.

  2. The Day the Crayons Quit sounds like it has great potential as a read-aloud. It certainly SOUNDS funny. (Anything described as naked usually is — in a children’s book.) I like how Alice described it as a “giggle-to-yourself” book. I’ll look for it as well because I’m super curious.

  3. Jocelyne

    I enjoyed the crayon book, even as a read aloud. But I think the best is listening to my 9-year-old read it aloud to my toddler. He is excellent at giving each crayon a unique voice and bringing them to life.

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