1. Sounds like a good week! (Lo and behold your blog showed back up in my feed reader this morning! I thought you had been quiet on the blogging front but apparently I just haven’t been getting posts – I have catching up to do!) : )

    Glad it’s going well – that baby is getting big!

  2. LOVE the stack of old books! 🙂 I wish I had more books from my childhood. I have a few…maybe five or six but that’s it. My corelle is practically bullet-proof…but it is vintage…aka ancient (1970s?), and we have broken one plate once…and it cleanly broke in half. I wonder if yours shattering is a case of “they don’t make it like they used to”?

    • Amy

      I’ve wondered the same thing about the Corelle, Kristin. My mother in law has some old Corelle, and I don’t think she’s ever broken a dish. Of course, she doesn’t have as much “help” as I do, either. 🙂

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