1. oooh how wonderful to have butterfly babies!! I think what you got at the ice cream parlour looks even better than a regular ice cream…delicious. And, imagine how much better it will look on your hips in few weeks!

  2. Laura Lee Groves

    This sounds like a GREAT week — family walks, butterflies, art, and orange smoothies. What could be better?? I remember those “all six of us” family walks. Golden times. We all still talk about some of the memorable conversations we had while we strolled. Love your concept of scripture art journaling! Have a great week ahead.

  3. After a visit with my doctor this week I am convinced I need to exercise more control in the food department, too.

    The walks sound fun. How cool about the caterpillars!

    I loved to see my sons building things when they were little.

    Not much is sweeter than a baby’s laugh!

  4. What a fun thing that butterfly house is! My dayhome kids are always fascinated with caterpillars and butterflies. As they are with those plastic builders. I haven’t been able to interest them at all with Kinex though.

    I love sherbet! I need to make better choices in the food department. I’m horrible for eating way to late at night.

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