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  1. Bluerose

    My youngest just turned 4 months old, so I’m right there with you on trying to find quiet time! He goes to bed for the night at about 10 most nights(Bless your heart for the midnight part!!), so I do get to enjoy a few minutes of quiet “kindle” reading time then as I rock him. There are certain books, the Bible included, that my brain seems to require no noise in order to digest. Then there’s those books that I can read with lots of noise going on!

    I’m still enjoying art journaling, but like you, I have to make the time for it. I got behind, and then I realized I enjoyed the simple use of crayons/colored pencils over the extras(as beautiful as it is). The more I had to put into it, the less likely I was able/willing to carve out time. Of course, I’ve never did well at sticking with scrapbooking the couple of times I tried it. So much work! 😉

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