1. You look so relaxed in that hammock! Good for you, taking the kiddoes along anyway and making family memories. It IS a lot of work and effort when they’re little, but you will truly remember and be thankful that you did, in later years. It’s so very important to make regular “deposits” in our children’s treasure chests of happy memories, and they love to DO and GO 🙂

  2. that hammock photo is the perfect thing to illustrate this chapter! Just do whatever you are able, however you are able, making the most of it and enjoy.
    I pray you get the green space you desire!

  3. You crave green. I love it! (So do I!)

    Older houses with larger lots WOULD be appealing. It will be interesting to see where y’all end up/what you end up doing.

    But, for now, might I say that you do a splendid job getting your kids out into the great, wide world? I love hearing of your nature adventures!

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