1. We have this one. We are pretty big fans of his around here and this was a fun one as well. I think the boy will enjoy it even more than the girls did in the not-to-distant future. : )

  2. Sarah

    I don’t have a blog but we read “Magnus Maximus, A Marvelous Measurer” by Kathleen T. Pelley & wonderfully illustrated by S.D. Schindler. I highly recommend this picture book which is a delightful, original story with an important message about taking time to enjoy life/people. It subtly introduces children to various forms of measurement (barometers, thermometers, scales). Afterwards, I created a follow-up activity where the boys used a tape measure to measure various household objects. The educational applications of this book are endless.

  3. We had this one from the library and I don’t think we ever read it before it went back. My boys really like everything we’ve found by Mo Willems so far…they just love things that are silly, so we will have to try to get this one again.

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