1. Great list of faves! and a stay at home mom with a MAID!!!! you are one blessed (and unusual) lady!! I work full time now and STILL don’t have a maid. Maybe I’ll put one on my Xmas list!! that has got to be a real blessing for sure!! (although i really didn’t mind doing my own housework when i was a SAHM…..i just scheduled a room a day!) 🙂 Enjoy the long weekend….

  2. Oh, the sun shelter looks like great fun. I need that to get my daughter to even go outside.She’s a wimp when it comes to heat.

    Enjoy your housekeeper. I always think it would be nice to have one, but I’m afraid I would have to clean before they got there and thus defeat the purpose!

    • Amy

      Beth, I thought I’d scurry around picking up before she came, too, but I was too tired. 🙂 (That, and I ran out of time.) I just told myself that given her job, she sees messy/dirty houses all the time. She was very nice, and it was wonderful to finish school and have a clean house instead of a dirty one.

  3. Laura Lee Groves

    The little tent looks like so much fun — I’m sure the kids loved it. I just love your oh-so-balanced approach. (using the iPad judiciously, with a game that’s not all flashy, etc.) And I LOVE your 4 a, b, and c. This was hard for me as a new mom, but it’s so wise of you to look at it this way. Have a great week ahead! (That reading challenge looks great!)

  4. I loved my boppy too. So much so that I often give one as a baby shower gift.

    We homeschooled as well (until their senior year). Breaks were a delicious change of pace. I hope you are able to get into summer mode soon, Amy.

  5. Yes! I am not the only one…We decided it was worth our money to hire a cleaning service once a month to deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms. It really is the homeschooling…plus having four kids plus a husband who is working long hours on several big, high pressure projects at work…and the fact that I have never been one to be good with cleaning to begin with! 🙂 They have come twice so far and it is wonderful. We are frugal people in general, and this is a luxury I love.

    I had a friend invite me to a “freezer cooking party” that involved buying a bunch of products of a particular home party company. She was raving on and on about how it made her life so much easier to spend more on this companies products…I said I would much rather shop at Aldi and save $$ by doing most of my cooking from scratch…and use the money for my cleaning service instead. 😉

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