1. This looks good! I’ll have to hunt for it. We are reading The Wizard of Oz right now for our chapter book and finished Sign of the Beaver last week. Been making time for reading but not for blogging so I guess that’s good. : )

  2. I just love picture book biographies. 🙂 Each new stage brings its challenges, doesn’t it? I don’t have much trouble with the longer read alouds, since I read those to my daughter at bedtime while DH reads to the boys…but reading to the boys during the day has been a challenge since I weaned the little guy. Now he wants to climb all over us when I am reading (unless we remember to read at the table during lunch or snack or during nap time), and wants to turn the pages himself (usually, not at the right time). I am looking forward to Mr. J deciding he can either run off and play or sit and listen somewhat peacefully during story time (without being sprawled all over me and his brothers).

    We finished Island of the Blue Dolphins this week…here’s my post: http://homeschooldiscoveries.com/2013/05/16/book-discoveries-this-week-island-of-the-blue-dolphins/

    I’m going to have to think about what I want to share the next couple weeks…I just started reading Mysterious Benedict Society to DD…and so it might be three weeks before I have another chapter book post to share. I am liking MBS a lot but it is soooo long!

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