1. This was a great post…about screening the books…preparing them to be a discerning reader, along with great suggestions. I’ve heard of many of these but haven’t read them for all myself yet. Nancy is one I think M would enjoy soon!

  2. This is so hard to keep ahead of! Even now, with my 11yo daughter, I have to watch the plot lines for major romance themes. Sigh. I’ve got seven children ages 11 to 1 and my 4th is the precocious reader. He’s 5 and taught himself to read at age 3. He can read pretty much anything you set in front of him so keeping him in books is becoming a challenge if we want to keep it appropriate on a maturity level.

    What about some of the nature based stories like those by Burgess, or the Among the ____ People books? And Mara Pratt did an American History Stories series that is nice for this age. I like looking at the books available through Yesterday’s Classics for ideas.

    And I still do a ton of reading before passing books on to my children too.

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