1. jocelynehayes

    I’ve tried o read Nesbit aloud and just can’t. My son loves the stories though. We hae several audios. He wants me to read aloud The Railway Children, but I’m not sure…

  2. Hope you are doing well with your little one! (And the rest of the family!)
    Not sure how to share my link here (I couldn’t get it to work) but here’s what we’re reading: “The Aurora County All-Stars” by Deborah Wiles and “The Hundred Dresses” by Eleanor Estes. Really enjoying them both!

  3. Angie Wiggins

    We’re finishing up Snow Treasure here. Not my favorite but we’re enjoying it enough. I’ve struck out on our last several read-alouds so I’m happy to have one that is enjoyable, even if not fabulous. I got Pollyanna today to try. I’ve never read it but I’m a fan of the movie. I’m hoping to find one we love soon b/c we’ve spent the last couple months reading several that we didn’t love (and even abandoned one.) We did read a cute picture book today of “Who’s on First.” Cute illustrations and it made my girls giggle.

  4. I don’t think I would really care for that Nesbit title either. I think any future Nesbit reading will have to be done by my children on their own if they want to do it!

    We finally finished our long Civil War read aloud: http://homeschooldiscoveries.com/2013/04/25/book-discoveries-this-week-rifles-for-watie/

    Tonight we started Chickadee — Three chapters in and we’re liking it a lot. I think the hardest part after reading this one will be waiting for the author to write further books in the series! 🙂

  5. Good to know. : ) We were going to start 5 Children and It here and got a couple paragraphs in and realized that we had already read it and I hadn’t ever written that down. Pathetic memory here. : ) So, we’ve moved on to Sign of the Beaver which has been good so far!

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