1. You make this sound pretty appealing! I do need to give MHL another chance, and this may be the one to try.

    I believe in being twaddle-free, though a certain daughter of mine seems attracted to it… :-/ I don’t want to be too heavy-handed, but I do try to make sure it’s balanced out with more challenging fare.

    I’m in with a post on our third Lloyd Alexander book:

  2. Now that I’ve read the Deep Valley books I feel like I ought to go back and re-read the first BT books to see how these characters factor in. (I’ve forgotten.)

    I love how you interact with your girls over books. And that your house might be just as clean as mine. ;D

  3. I actually grew to like Winona in this book, too. I’m curious how much I’ll like her after reading Winona’s Pony Cart, though.

    I have to completely agree with all of your reasons for loving this book! 🙂

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