1. One thing I’ve always been struck by in Lovelace’s books regarding Christianity is that she was writing in a very different time. A time when going from the Baptist to the Episcopalian church was truly shocking. I think some of her treatment of young people’s attitudes about religion is looking at people who were raised in a time and place when most people were born into a Christian family and culturally most people were Christian and it was just assumed that you would attend church, and the same church as your family. A mixed marriage would be a Baptist and a Episcopalian. Very different from today.The adolescent questioning or figuring things out becomes slightly different in that context.

  2. I can’t figure out MHL’s religious points, either, though I do understand that the culture was so Christian (though not evangelical) at the time that everything was different…

    So glad you enjoyed this one, as did I when I read it before.

  3. I can’t think of anything fabulous to say in response. I type in vain. The Life and Letters Behind Carney’s House Party by Amy Dolnick seems like a fantastic book to pick up if you want to know even MORE. Thanks for pointing that out to us. I don’t know how curious I am about Carney. I just finished reading Emily and I can see why people love it! (I did!) It has been fun to familiarize myself with the Deep Valley crowd this month though. Glad for the excuse!

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