1. Huh. I have an interesting reaction to this. I AM curious to know about people. The more they dislike publicity the more I’m curious. I think that’s human nature. I know Bill Watterson is the same way and there was an insistent biographer who wrote a book about him despite Watterson’s aversion. (My review of that one: http://www.readingtoknow.com/2010/09/looking-for-calvin-and-hobbes-by-nevin.html)

    I think I rather feel the way about this book about Lee. If she went out of her way to ask the author to stop their work and was not being heard or respected in this, then I think it probably should not have been written. We can be curious about things but it doesn’t give us a Right to Know. Anyway, my two cents. I AM curious. But I would have a hard time picking it up seeing that the author was practically begging for this book not to be written.

    • Amy @ Hope Is the Word

      Yes, Carrie, I get that, too. In fact, had Shields not done such an excellent job of being highly respectful and non-speculative, I would’ve hated the book. (But then that would’ve required me to read it anyway, right?). I do get where he was coming from, though, in the idea that Lee’s friends and acquaintances will be gone before many more years have passed.

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