1. I have been toying with re-reading this book lately. I’m between that and Heidi. I’ve read A Little Princess but I DON’T think I ever read Heidi. I just feel like a girl classic. (Not that it has to be read just by girls, mind you, but look at the title.) 😉

    Sounds like you had FUN with it!

  2. All right, now I’m going to have to re-read these! I never really got the same feeling from the Magic that you point out. I guess to me it was obvious that is was someone else doing it or them causing it. I do think though that the author’s worldview definitely shows the time she lived in.

    I personally loved The Secret Garden, but my daughter prefers A Little Princess. Either way they are both great reads!

  3. A Little Princess is a favorite that we read again and again. We discuss the “magic” aspect of it; it makes for great conversation and learning. I think in our home the Little Princess takes the lead over The Secret Garden.

  4. We really enjoyed this one last year. Happy memories! My daughter has “The Rackety Packety House” by the same author in her library book basket right now, but I don’t think she has actually tried reading it yet. 🙂

  5. My oldest read this one, but I never have. She liked it, though! Like you, I dislike the magical elements in Secret Garden.

    We’ve been reading Lloyd Alexander this week — The Black Cauldron, close on the heels of The Book of Three. Maybe I’ll post on it when we’re done.

  6. I definitely had problems with the Magic in The Secret Garden, but I didn’t notice it as much in The Little Princess. I definitely prefer The Little Princess to Secret Garden…and I even saw a little of Job in Sara Crewe. I think I still prefer Heidi overall though.

  7. I haven’t read this before (although I think we have watched the movie with the girls a couple years ago). We tried reading The Secret Garden 2-3 years ago and they weren’t able to sit through it so we bailed on that one and need to try it again as well! Adding this to our list – maybe for this summer? ; ) Thanks for reminding me of this one!

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