1. sjbraun

    Best wishes on your new baby! Your reading time may be a bit less, but enjoy every moment. The newborn days really do go so quickly (in retrospect). I’ll have to look into the Sally Clarkson book. I read one by her before and she seemed so soothing!

  2. I read one novel by Kate Morton that was beautifully written except for a soap-operaish plot and a disgusting four-letter word. That’s kind of discouraged me from reading her further.

    I agree with Carrie, I think getting anything read this month will be a bonus!

  3. Good luck with your new addition! Emily of New Moon is appearing on a lot of lists this month, some day I’ll read those books. 🙂 Happy reading!


  4. I’m going to put My Family for the War on my TBR list.

    May the days go quickly for your last month and I hope you get some reading in. In my end of my last pregnancy my mind turned to mush and I couldn’t find a book that interested me. I ended up reading the first half of The Pickwick Papers by Dickens and that was probably due to the fact that it put me to sleep right away!

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