1. Happy happy birthday!!!! : ) I wish I had to time to comment on all these great books but today’s not the day. Hope you have a wonderful day today with your family!

  2. Happy birthday!

    I love this walk down memory lane! Wonderful list, too!

    I will have to start this now, if I am to do it for my birthday in July!

    Have a happy day celebrating the blessings of 37 years!

  3. I’m loving your list–and marveling over how similar my tastes are to yours. Not that I’ve read everything on your list–but everything I HAVE read, I agree with your comments about. Makes me think maybe I need to try some of those others that I haven’t read. (And the list keeps growing!)

  4. Amy,
    What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! I have read lots of your favorites. I think Frank Peretti’s ‘This Present Darkness’ and ‘Piercing the Darkness’ may have been the most life-changing books on the list for me. Both books have ‘permanent’ status in my bookshelves. I found out this year that Frank Peretti and I share birthdays..he sent me a birthday note. Yah!!!
    I feel so blessed that we live in the same time.

  5. Ximena

    WHAT?!? Nothing by L.M. Montgomery? (*audible gasp*) But “Anne’s Theme” was played at your wedding! 😉

    Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your insightful commentary on all these wonderful books (though I admit, I’ve only read about half of them). I just read “A Long Way From Chicago” this past week, and was trying so hard not to wake up my husband by my sudden giggles while sitting up late reading it.

    You’ve hit on so many great books — so many that I also remember sharing and reading on your recommendation…. My, how time flies. I hope you’ve had a glorious birthday!

    • Amy

      Ximena!!!!! I limited myself to books I haven’t written about on my blog already. There’s plenty of Anne stuff on here already. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday! I see several favorites as well as some I am not familiar with. Somehow I never read Where the Red Fern Grows or Rebecca or Sarah. Those are some I probably should read. Janette Oke was my first major foray into Christian fiction, after Not My Will by Francena Arnold, and I loved her. I’ve read some of Frank Perreti — I was enthralled by both the Darkness books, but some of his things seem too scary for me. I did enjoy Monster, though.

    Great Expectations is probably my least favorite Dickens book, though I loved David Copperfield and Two Cities.

    I did read World Book Encyclopedias as a child, and remember being thrilled by the dog page with different breeds, though I was never much of an animal person.

  7. Is it too late to say happy birthday? I hope not: happy birthday!

    I’m going to be 47 in August. Do you think I can come up with 47 books and do something like this? I’d better start the post now…

    Hope your day was lovely!

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