1. Actually, the tea time story made me cry a little. Beautiful moments together for you and Louise.

    I can see that Desperate is a book I should plan on sooner rather than later. Thanks, Amy.

    • Amy

      Thanks, Janet. The tea time was one of my better mommy moments, of which there have been few lately.

      I really think Desperate is a good read for any mother. It hit the spot for me, at least.

  2. I’m so glad you reviewed Clarkson’s book. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it. Sometimes I connect with what she is saying and sometimes I don’t. Perhaps it’s the mood I’m in at the time or something. But I’ll now definitely note that this book is great potential in desperate seasons.

    And I would like to bring my teddy bear over to your house and pretend to be sick for tea with you!

  3. I just bought Desperate and it is next on my pile to be read. I also read Oystn’s book last year and enjoyed it.

    Since I don’t like tea it never crosses my mind to have a tea party, maybe I can change it to a hot chocolate party. By the way I love your china (I should since mine is the same!).

  4. Amy – thank you for these recommendations. I’ve been wondering if I would like Desperate and I’m thinking now that I might (I trust your recommendations on these things very much). I’m so glad I stopped by your blog tonight for this encouragement!

  5. Funny…some do not think that four kids is a large family, but others…many others…definitely do.

    I will be borrowing Desperate from a friend. My 15 month old still does not sleep through the night. That is just one reason I feel a bit desperate. I really like your question for Sally. Maybe she could address it on her blog?

    • Amy

      Annette–Sally does address sleeplessness a lot in her book and how it’s often a contributing factor to desperation. One helpful thing that I remember from the book regarding this subject is that Sally (I believe) said she would just pray that God would allow whatever sleep she did get to be enough. I’m sure I’ll be praying that in the coming weeks!

      Good idea about submitting my question to Sally via her blog!

  6. I understand what you mean–I think I have the hardest time writing reviews of the books I get the most out of! I’m feeling that way about a Bridges book I finished about 4 weeks ago that was simply amazing!

    But you managed to make me want to read both of these books, even though I”m not *always* a Sally Clarkson fan. The format intrigues me! Thanks

  7. I haven’t read any of Clarkson except a couple of blog posts I’ve seen others link to, and like others ladies, I’ve had mixed emotions about her. Even though my kids are older and my nest is nearly empty, I’ve thought about reading her just to see what she’s all about and to see whether I’d recommend her to other moms, who are not so much interested in what helped me 25 years ago. 🙂 I’ve come across some blogs written by total drooling fangirls, which tends to turn me off (though I know Clarkson can’t help that), so I appreciate your sharing what helped without going that far. 🙂

    It sounds like these were good books to read together. I’m helped as much or more by the practical as well as the emotional support. Sometimes just reading the latter can make me feel like, “OK, but what does that look like in everyday life, and how do I handle this particular problem and that one and….” But sometimes just that encouragement that what you’re going through and feeling is normal and other women have experienced it as well can make all the difference.

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