1. Interesting! Infinity and Me is the one fiction title I haven’t been able to get. I’m still hoping to find it somewhere. I had thought just from the description that it looked more like a good “fun” math book than what I think of as fiction.

    I had a different take on Chloe and the Lion and didn’t like it as much. But my 6 yr old LOVED it. The 3 yr old also liked it, she called it the “funny guys book”.

  2. Janet

    I meant to participate this week, I really did! We finished The Little White Horse, a reread for me and a first-time Goudge experience for the girls. They loved it it — so much that if I wasn’t able to sit down for a reading session at any given time, one of them would read it aloud for the rest of us. It was partly your posts about reading it to your girls that prompted me to pick it up now, so thanks!

    We also read a picture book about Alzheimers disease, called ‘The Memory Box’ — excellent book on a sad, though unfortunately relevant, subject. The boy in the story is responding to a grandparent’s gradual descent into Alzheimers.

    The infinity story sounds really cool. We’re going to the library today and I may look for it for my own amusement and edification!

  3. Chloe and the Lion does indeed sound really, curiously interesting. Should I cringe when confessing that I’ve never read Harold and the Purple Crayon? (gulp)

    My favorite job that I wouldn’t hesitate going back to when I retire from my current job (wink back at ya!) is working in the District Attorney’s office. Sorta different from a library. But it suited me well!

  4. Oh, you’re making me miss my old library and librarian in Missouri! I just haven’t found that relationship with my current library. 🙁 But Chloe and the Lion looks kinda intriguing. . .

  5. I just ordered Chloe and the Lion from the library. I wanted to say thank-you for your recommendation of Cold Snap. I read it to my two younger kids. My 4 year old didn’t quite get all the humor, but my 10 year old and I got a kick out it!

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