1. Thanks for hosting! I love that you want to post so much information– I’ve just gone with a Mr. Linky in the past, because all that people really need is a link to the post so they can visit. And I’m lazy!

  2. The title alone would entice me to pick up a copy – hanging off TJ’s nose? gotta read it! And the illustration would intrigue any adventuresome kid into wondering why that guy is hanging out at Mt. Rushmore…

  3. Thanks for hosting, Amy! I hope the form works well. It was easy to use!

    I love the sound of Hanging Off Jefferson’s Nose! I agree with you about the title. I wonder if it draws kids in to the book more. But your point about the tone and setting up expectations is really important.

  4. Thanks for the link! I hadn’t heard of Jefferson’s Nose before your post, either! This was my first time participating in Nonfiction Monday, and I hope it’s not the last.

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