1. I have never been to Disney World. How fun to go at Christmas, though it would make for an even busier season.

    The cinnamon rolls look great.

    We used to drive from SC to TX to see family and when we had time stopped off at a beach in Biloxi, MS. I grew up near the water and love to see it occasionally, and the kids loved the break.

    I am so wanting to see the Les Mis film but a little wary of how they might have presented some of Fantine’s situation as well as the Thenardier’s.

  2. Amy @ Hope Is the Word

    Barbara–yes, both the Fantine scenes and the Thenardiers’ were a bit much for me. I could “take” the Fantine scenes a bit better because I don’t appreciate sexual humor in the least, and that’s what the Thenardiers’ scenes are. Still, it’s a good movie, but it would have been much better if more had been left to the imagination.

  3. Like you, I enjoy looking forward and making plans for the future. 🙂 I look forward to reading your post on this.

    Someday I hope to go to Disney Land at Christmas (I am on the west coast). I loved your photo of the castle all lit up!

    Those cinnamon rolls look scrumptious. That is great that you’ve come up with a tradition for your nuclear family. Sometimes it is hard when there is so much family around. Now that I am an empty-nester (and divorced) I am trying to come up with new traditions for myself.

    I hope the rest of 2012 finds you feeling fine and that you all get plenty of fun time together.

  4. Oh I read Les Miserables YEARS ago, right before grad school and it’s always been one of my favorite books. I can’t wait to see the movie!! We’ve never vacationed at disney world and don’t really want to but everyone we know who goes says they love it. We do a Christmas breakfast too with cinnamon rolls!! And that book by Ruth Bell Graham is a much loved one at our house. The first year we bought it, when my youngest was about 6, we read a chapter each night leading up to Christmas. That was fun! It sounds like you had a blessed week of faves! Happy New YEar!!

  5. Looks like a great vacation! We also have One Wintry Night, if you haven’t read it yet it is a fantastic book. In past years I have read it along with our Jesse Tree readings, which works really well (if you are organized enough to plan it out…a big IF most years for me). H.and I are hoping to see Les Mis next week.

  6. Those cinnamon rolls look delicious and I love the idea of a traditional Christmas Eve breakfast with just the immediate family. We also have that book that the kids read when they were teens.

    Your vacation sounds wonderful. And for the kids to make such a long road trip and do well is amazing. Good for them. Love the side trip for sea shells.

    So glad you joined us and Happy new year to you!

  7. We took the same pictures at WDW: the arch welcoming guests and the view down Main Street. 🙂 I’m glad you had a good trip and were able to work in some beach time, as well.

    Like you, we’ve struggled with finding a celebration for our immediate family without ignoring our extended family. We still haven’t found an ideal solution, but I’m happy that you found one that works for you!

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