1. Have you ever read “The Thirteen Days of Christmas”? (http://amzn.com/0192752138). It’s really funny. We read that one last year.

    I’ve been trying for days to remember a book we read two or three years ago. At least — I think it is one book and not a couple books mixed together. 😉 I am thinking it was about a girl with some older siblings who often make fun of her for being smaller and less capable than they are…and something about a special Christmas ornament that ends up getting broken or lost. Vague, I know…but if that rings any bells for you let me know, as this is driving me crazy to not be able to remember this book.

  2. Amy

    The Thirteen Days of Christmas sounds cute, Kirsten! We might just have to mark it a par of our collection this year!

    The other book doesn’t ring a bell. I know what you mean about getting stories mixed up! 😉

  3. We read an (abridged) child’s version of A Christmas Carol. I wasn’t sure my oldest would quite go for the story in whole just yet. He was quite intrigued by the picture book though so I’m thinking next year for sure. This year we’ll stick to Mickey’s Christmas Carol and call it (mostly) good.

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