1. I have to say that our family can testify that your cooking is fantastic. Your cookies saved us on our trip. I won’t admit how fast we ate them though. 🙂

  2. Clicked over from Weekly Wrap-Up and have to say I hope that our homeschooling experience ends up similar to yours seems to be. I am also a bibliofile, and though my daughter is still learning to read, I cannot wait for her to spend all day reading on her own (and me, of course). At the moment, she sounds more like DLM, as her focus and patience need a bit more work.

  3. Congrats to you guys also on finishing Level C. I will admit we totally skipped the end of year test. I forgot about it, actually!!! But looking at all the review we have ahead of us in Level D, I don’t feel TOO bad about it.

    We’ll have to check out that Boxcar Children prequel…My daughter has been taking a break from Boxcar Children as of late, but I bet she might be interested in that. She decided over the summer to read all the Magic Treehouse books, and just finished the last one of those, as well as reading all the A to Z Mysteries. (another quite easy-to-read series of shorter chapter books). She likes those books that she can finish in a little 20 minute chunk of time here or there. 🙂

  4. I wonder why the littles want to interupt when you are in the middle of a lesson? My daughter (4) needs my undivided attention when I am reading aloud to the older kids, so like you I have to stop and meet the need. Most other times she’s content to do things by herself. I totally relate what you are going through.

  5. My 11 year old adores the Penderwicks! We haven’t read all of the Sidney Taylor books, so I’ve jotted them down on this week’s library list! Thanks for the reminder of a great series!

    Simply Charlotte Mason had a post recently that discusses the idea that growing as a person is more the goal of education than “progressing” or acquiring facts. We often equate facts with education but this post emphasizes reason, imagination, observation and sympathy. I suspect that your children are certainly growing in these ways, even if time and priority slows down the acquisition schedule. So, be encouraged!

    I’m scheduling a Chik Fil A picnic this week – another great idea!

  6. Thank you for sharing that homeschool post about little people. It was very encouraging as I’m working through those same things with our little guy and B to some extent and we are still finding our way with her kindergarten. Definitely coming back to that when I have more time!

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