1. We are currently studying Ancient Greece and read the Children’s Homer and D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths. My Ancient Greek history co-op posts will begin in a few weeks. My daughter also read the Golden Fleece by Padriac Column. She liked it.

  2. I’m planning on using the classical method for education when my little guy gets old enough. Looking forward to reading these 3 books with my little guy!

  3. Angie Wiggins

    I considered doing Children’s Homer during our studies this year but I wimped out, I’m sad to say. My oldest read the 6 “Tales of Odyssey” books by Mary Pope Osborne this week and loved them. We’re going to read “In Search of a Homeland” next month though, which is a retelling of The Aeneid. We just finished Tirzah aloud, one of my favorites from the Ancients cycle. My girls (6, 7, 8) loved it as well.

  4. We are studying ancient history this year, so I”ll keep this in mind for when we get to that time period! Thanks for the glowing recommendation! I love how you and Mary teamed up this week for RAT. I’m terrible about writing about the books we read…I really need to be better and then I can link up more! Thanks for sharing this with us at Trivium Tuesdays!

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