1. I’ve wanted to read this series for a long time as it is set in Colorado where we used to live. I haven’t read much about the story line before. Thanks for the review.

  2. I need to add this author to our read-aloud list! We are nearing the end of Little Town on the Prairie and I’d hoped to link up this week, but it didn’t happen. Soon, I hope! I miss participating.

  3. Oh, we just finished it a few weeks ago, and we love it, too. You’ve described it in a wonderful way. The kids are all excited about Ralph and Grace, but I really, like you, focus on mother. What a wonderful woman she was.

    We just finished chapter 4 in The Home Ranch, which takes place in the middle of Man of the Family, and it’s wonderful. A bit funnier, so far, than the other ones but just as interesting. We’re still on the edge of the cliff as far as the rest of the Moody family goes, but that’s OK.

    We get these books by interlibrary loan if our library doesn’t have them. They are not on Gutenberg yet. Sigh.

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