1. Les Misérables is one of my favorite books (that and the Count of Monte Cristo) and it’s neat to hear how your blog title lays homage to Hugo’s work.

    My blog’s name, Teaching Stars, was chosen because I knew I wanted to focus on my family’s homeschooling adventure and we are very big into astronomy. The name isn’t to imply that my kids are stars (although they are to me!) but their given names are all celestially based and personally chosen by their astronomer father.
    In hindsight the name really fits because we are trying to share our love of science and astronomy, and my husband has been helping craft some posts to inspire people to “look up” and teach them about the stars. Teaching stars is a good fit. 🙂

  2. What a neat quote to name your blog after. I’d always sort of wondered where the name came from–it’s fun to know that it’s Hugo.

    My blog name comes from my childhood nickname. When I was first learning to talk, whenever my dad would ask me what my name was I would respond with “Anna” (my older sister’s name.) My dad replied: “No, you’re Bekah. Bekah. Bekah.” Then he’d ask me again what my name was. “Anna.” On and on it went. My dad was still a new dad (I’m only 14 months younger than my older sister) and was rather worried that something was wrong with me, but he persisted in his teaching. At last, one day, he asked the question, which I answered proudly: “Bekah-bekah-bekah.”

    My dad says that he realized at that point that I’d known all along what my name was but had been teasing him all that time. Yeah, we definitely were vessels for each others’ sanctification.

    “Bekah-bekah-bekah” was rapidly shortened to “bekahcubed” (my dad being a math nerd)–and the title has stuck.

  3. Supratentorial literally means “above the tentorium”. The tentorium is a thin membrane that separates the cerebellum (automatic brain) from cerebrum (thinking brain). Medical people will use the term “supratentorial” as a way of saying that a person’s symptoms are “all in their head” or “in their mind”.

    It’s not a particularly nice thing to say about a patient, especially since it’s used as a way of talking about a patient in front of them without them knowing what you are saying. But I always just thought it was a neat word. And originally I saw my blog as being a reflection of whatever was in my mind.

  4. Amy


    I think your blog title is one of my favorites. And now I’ll know what to listen for (or look for) on future doctor visits. 😉

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