1. What a wonderful, productive week of learning! I was having heart palpitations about jury duty just a few weeks ago- thankfully, I did not even get called in. Wonderful that dad was able to get lessons going. Thank you for sharing your notebook pages! It is good to see real pages done by the kids- sometimes the “sample” pages I see look intimidating.

  2. Amy, I appreciate what you said about your children’s possible skewed narration abilities in the WWE. I’ve been wondering a little about that, too — but I must say that now that Anna is in WWE Level 4 I am just SOLD on this writing program. Her narrations and dictations are getting so much better, and her use of difficult things (semicolons, colons, parenthetical phrases, dashes, etc…) just amazes me.

    I’m hungry for some of those cookies now!!! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend, my friend.

  3. Your week looks full & wonderful. Where was the Science center for homeschoolers? It’s good for the girls to be inthe kitchen. My daughter baked a red velvet cake for our youth group last night. She told her daddy she was going to bake him a blue velvet one.

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