1. Agreed – we loved Those Rebels Tom and John! It has a fun take on presenting history. I read it before my children and was cracking up at the wording.

  2. Amy


    I loved Patricia St. John as a child! I read Star of Light to the girls back at the beginning of the summer. Rainbow Garden is one of my favorites by her.

  3. The Armchair Cybils sounds really fun! What a great idea! Hoping I can get myself organized to the point I can at least read along!

    I don’t think we’ll ever out grow picture books!

  4. Those both sound wonderful. I am the lucky librarian who gets to put all the new books on the children’s shelves, so I get to see everything first. I haven’t seen either of those!

  5. We ARE reading – yay! I’m just not blogging – boo! I’ll be on the lookout for that dolphin book. B would love that!

    And, I’m excited about the Armchair Cybils again this year as well – loved that you prompted me to read several great books I probably wouldn’t have picked up. 🙂 Are you going to try and judge this year?

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