1. Amy, I enjoyed this chapter, too. I really like what you say:

    “There really is something to such students being able to experience this stage of learning with engaged peers, so I am praying now that a community like this will come together as my children grow, and that I‚Äôll have the forbearance and humility to realize its importance when the time comes.”

    This is my prayer for myself, too.

    This book has caused me to re-examine so much of the way we homeschool.

    Are you following along on Granola Mom 4 God’s posts about this book. I’m guest posting there on Thursday about Chapter 9 (Science) – her series has been good, too!

    I loved your thoughts about this!

  2. Ellen

    I enjoyed her descriptions of how the future could look when implementing this approach to education. I was not raised on this type of education so I know when I start teaching my children it will be a learning experience for all of us. (My children are now 21 months and 4 months.) I do agree that memorization is an important tool in learning and have already started that with my oldest (21 months). It’s amazing how much they retain at such a young age. I loved the quote about girls needing to spend time with women and boys spending time with men. This is an important point lost upon many.

  3. So true about this being foreign to us. I was raised in a great family, but not one that learned together. I look forward to developing a different sense of community in my own home. I know that I need to learn to love spending time with my kids more, like you mentioned how kids don’t act like adults =) Great post, again! THanks for sharing it with us at Trivium Tuesdays!

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