1. Puddleglum was our family’s favorite Narnia character as well! My favorite family reading memory came during “The Silver Chair” — as the bound knight pleaded with the heroes, my daughter was literally screaming out loud at the characters in the book, “Listen to him!!! Listen to him!!!” She was so emotionally involved in the story.

  2. I *love* that you love Puddleglum so much. I don’t know that I would have imagined you as an inner-pessimist–somehow you manage to put on a fairly good face online 🙂

    I’ve always had a hard time trying to figure out if I was a pessimist or an optimist. It just depends on the day for me, I suppose.

    As a child, I remember being enthralled by the lady of the green kirtle. It was such a sad thing to find out that she was evil. Of course, I finish my reading and find, like the people of Meryton, that I “always distrusted the appearance of [her] goodness.” (Pride and Prejudice, chapter 48). I suppose she’s a good example of the seductiveness of evil, masquerading as light and comfort.

  3. I approached The Silver Chair with the thought that, as I remembered it, it didn’t come up to LWW and The Last Battle for me, but it was still good. And after going through it this time, I still feel that way about it, but I have come to appreciate it even more. I loved that despite Puddleglum’s pessimism, he was still stalwart, loyal, wise and brave. I especially loved the scene with Jill wanting to get a drink from the stream yet being afraid of Aslan. He invites her to come, she says maybe she’ll try another stream, he says there is no other. Wonderful Bibilcal imagery there.

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