1. Sounds interesting, I’ll have to find another copy of it now. The cover in your picture is so much nicer than the really ugly cover on the copy I gave away. 😉

    I am really going back and forth about the whole “stereotype” thing. I want to be relaxed about it, but then again DH seems very concerned, for example, that the kids say “Native American” instead of “Indian”. We also heard the boys use “Indian” as a derogatory adjective the other day (they were pretending something was “Indian soap” and therefore not as good as normal soap). I have no idea how they got that in their heads since even the books we have that are a bit stereotypical are certainly not derogatory!

    I also want to be able to read and discuss books that are considered by many to be racist to some degree. “Matchlock Gun” comes to mind – a lot of reviewers seem to have problems with it. And so I need to think about how to discuss those issues with the kids.

    I suppose anytime we try and condense a culture into a book there are going to be stereotypes, since no culture is full of absolutely alike people and circumstances!

    Now I need to decide what I am going to write about for my RAT post. I usually know but I can’t decide this week. 🙂

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