1. juanita

    We love Chicka Chicka ABC. We break out into spontaneous recitations from time to time. Nathanael’s current favourites are Muncha Muncha and a strange little book we got from the library called Mission Ziffoid. His enduring favourites are Fix-It Duck, I’m Dirty, I Stink and pretty much anything about cars, trucks, trains and construction.

  2. I think I am getting more and more informal about preschool as I have more kids…and I am completely unable to follow preschool curricula anyway. I’m selling the two “complete” preschool curricula I ever tried to use. LOL! Some days I worry that I’m not doing enough for Mr. K…but then I remember that he still has two full years until he is even K age, and he sits and listens to books with us (and sits and listens to Mr. E do his phonics lessons!) every day. He’ll eventually get to the point where he can identify all the letters and actually want to do something other than scribble on paper. Mr. E had a really early desire for academics, but I think Mr. K might be one of those “typical” boys that won’t do much typical “sit down and learn” school work until he is older.

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