1. I ate your review all up. (I’ve had it sitting upon on my computer waiting to read it.) I just finished GoftheL yesterday. Wasn’t my favorite. I definitely started liking it during the second half but the first was almost pure drudgery. I’m letting my thoughts marinate a bit before typing them up. At any rate, I spent the whole of the book wandering about Freckles. I’m SO glad you read this one instead. Mostly, I confess, because I don’t intend to read it but I did want to know more about it. I feel like you’ve given me the background I was in want of.

    Maybe that’s a cop-out but that’s about how I feel right now. Very, very fun (and insightful) review.

  2. I downloaded this on to my Kindle recently, but I haven’t gotten to it (still slogging through ‘The Way We Live Now’ by Anthony Trollope). I had mixed feelings about Limberlost, and it sounds from your review like I might about this too! But that seems to be the case with most books, I suppose.

  3. I’m listening to this via audiobook right now and am just a few chapters near the end. I probably should have finished it before reading this. 🙂 I had read it as a child and all I could remember was that it seemed ethereal. I didn’t get that sense this time. But it definitely needs to be read as an old-fashioned book. There is much to commend both Freckles and the Swamp Angel.

  4. Freckles and the Swamp Angel are mentioned so much that I’m ALMOST curious enough to pick it up as soon as I finish Girl of the Limberlost. I love a good sappy romance every once in awhile, so I may have to give these a real chance with actual paper books, as opposed to reading it on my computer. ;P

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