1. I read “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” to my daughter in Kindergarten, and we both loved it. Last summer when the movie came out she still remembered having read the book together and begged me to take her to see the movie. I really hate Jim Carey movies, but agreed to do it. Oh, the things we do as mothers for our children! This movie is the furthest-from-the-original book to movie adaptation I have ever run across. The only real similarities are the title and the fact that there are penguins in both the book and the movie. Oh, I guess and that there is a guy named Popper in both. Really…it’s like they bought the rights to the story just to use the name! Much to my horror, my daughter likes the movie better than the book and thanks to willing grandparents, we even own the movie on DVD. My kids all love it (the boys laugh hysterically at the antics of the penguins every time). Though there are a few cute/funny/heartwarming parts, every time the movie is on I totally cringe at the typical Jim Carey embarrassing humor moments! Sigh. I guess there are worse things that kids liking a movie with embarrassing humor!

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