1. I don’t think I’ve read Marguerite Henry before either, though I know I’ve checked them out a time or two but never gotten to them. Bumping them back up on my list for myself and N1 especially. : )

  2. Henry’s books were a favorite among the book-gifts that my grandparents always gave at Christmas, and a wonderful quality of reading material that helped produce several avid readers. I was eager to share them with my own children and they loved them, too! Your review makes me want to read again, and more of them….

  3. Well, I’ve still only read Misty of Chincoteague (and I still have to look up the spelling every time I type it!), but I liked it to want to read more. And I’m not really a horse person, nor have I ever been. (I did have a best friend growing up though that absolutely adored horses and so I “pretended horses” many times for her sake. She made a better horse than I did though.)

  4. Kathleen

    My 5th grade teacher read this to our class in 1969 and I remember being completely enchanted by it. I lived in Morocco when I was four years old and love stories that have any connection with that lovely country. My memories are mostly smells and tastes and emotions, but I can say that, although Disney’s version is somewhat “plastic,” it’s pretty close to what I remember. That was my first stop when we went to Epcot and it did not disappoint.

  5. I hadn’t heard of this but suspect I would enjoy it especially having been to all these locations. I listen to a lot of audio books, but also find them harder to review.

  6. Oh, how I loved this book. Time for a re-read I think. I never went through that girly phase of loving horses, in fact I was afraid of them! Still not into horses but for some reason Marguerite Henry’s books, I just adore! I guess that’s what makes a fantastic writer when they can write just about any topic and get you interested.

  7. I do want to read this book someday. I enjoyed the Misty books as a young girl, but missed King of the Wind somehow. Thanks for the reminder. Marguerite Henry spun wonderful stories.

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