1. Dorie

    The first two are new-to-me titles, but both books, with the imaginative characters, sound like they could be fun for my children.

  2. We’ve read A Pet for Petunia and found it hilarious. Bobo loved the pinned on tail, of course. I read The Runaway Bunny in storytimes. It’s a classic. Since you are not PC, I would suggest reading The runaway mummy : a petrifying parody by Michael Rex.

  3. Well, that certainly wasn’t a theme I was expecting! ;D But Pirate Boy looks cute with it’s elaborate rescue theme and all.

    So, today I was all set to participate and then I got an e-mail reminding me that I’m supposed to be part of a book tour this month that I had forgotten about. *gulp* I have SEVERAL RAT posts brewing in my head and need to play some catch-up! I’ll be back!

  4. I can’t think of any more “running away” books offhand, but I love your theme this week. I’ve also been noticing that pirate books are very popular these days, don’t you think? Thanks for hosting RAD!

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