1. Tee, hee, yes, I love those examples too. Boys are such funny creatures! 😉 I like your word choice: purely joyful incorrigibility of the boys. I’m so glad you chose this book for the book club, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Huckleberry Finn later.

  2. I’m wishing I had had time to read this now. I wasn’t too crazy about Tom, from what I could remember about him, but having three boys, the excerpts you shared make me smile. Some of his other escapades had me concerned, though, and I’ve been awfully glad my guys were not like him in those regards!

  3. Amy – we’re listening to this on Audio book right now, and I, too, was so amazed at how “easy” it is — and SO funny! My kids are laughing each and every time we listen. There is a state park here that offers cane pole fishing a la Tom Sawyer. How cool is that??

  4. Well, I was an English major, and I never read this either, although we did read Huck Finn in high school. I’ve also never read Jane Eyre, which I hope to remedy via the Classics Club. Shocking, eh?

  5. I’m so glad that you picked this one, really! If you hadn’t, I would likely never have revisited it and never read it to my own kids. It gave me a new perspective on the book (love the humor!) and I will look forward to reading it with my boys on down the road.

    So, thank you!

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