1. I second your admiration of Frances’s parents. Part of me wonders if they are Russell Hoban’s “Here’s what I should have done” written into fiction. 🙂 Even so, I doubt that my own after-the-fact “should have done” would be as wise or patient.

    Frances was part of my imaginative landscape as a child, and I longed to take a cardboard salt shaker and a doily to school in my lunchbox. I am still not good at making everything on my plate come out even.

    I had a friend like Thelma in ‘A Bargain for Frances.’ I scratch my head a bit at the story as an adult, but it affirmed an aspect of life for me as a child.

  2. Dorie

    Oddly, I only first read Frances as a grown up to my children. And, boy did I miss the fun of it as a child. I so enjoy reading the Francis books to my children now. I particularly like the Bread and Jam one – you know the food wars with children are just about notorious and I love that Francis gets just what she wants every.day.every.meal. and then she realizes hey, something else might taste just as good 🙂 They are fabulous books!

  3. Oh, how I love Frances! I especially loved Bread and Jam for Frances, although as a very picky eater I’m not sure I really embraced the message. 🙂 But every time I pack a picnic with a “tiny shaker of salt” I think of Frances.

    My oldest was never a huge Frances fan, although he liked them well enough. I think I may need to revisit these with my 5 year old. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. When the children are really pushing my buttons, or forgetting to obey, I like to quote from Bedtime for Francis – “Wack and smack! Wack and smack made Francis think of a spanking. All of a sudden she was tired.” They always get my point 🙂

  5. Do you know that we’ve never read a Frances book!? I almost feel un-American somehow. I’ve picked them up before, but haven’t read through them and I didn’t know anything about them. It was kind of fun to have you post about them so I could become a little more familiar. Good to note about obedience and levels of long-suffering parents. ;D

  6. I love Frances books – we only have one on our shelves and I need to pull that out to read with the little girls – it has been way too long!

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