1. Amy ~ These books look great. We are right in the Middle Ages now, so I’m going to check my library for them. I also think Trivium Tuesday looks interesting!


  2. Dorie

    Amy, I have seen these books mentioned once or twice before and was always curious what they were like. Thank you for this detailed post – the books look like something my children and I would enjoy.

  3. These look interesting. I understand your reasons for wanting to read aloud to your kids. I can’t hand off any of our main history & literature readings because I enjoy them so much!

  4. I’ve seen these… at the Peace Hill website, was it? They looked interesting. Thanks for the review.

    We’ve been using other books to flesh out the history bios — Our Island Story is kind of an ongoing reading project, but also books like Famous Men of the Middle Ages, Ten Kings, Ten Queens, Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages, etc.

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