1. How old are the kids that listened to this story? I’m glad you liked it. It is one I have wanted to read for a while since we used to live in Littleton which is where the story is set. My kids are 5, 8 and 10. I’m sure my 10 year old is ready for it. I’m just not sure about the other two.

    • Amy

      Julie, my girls are 7 and 6. I think your children would enjoy it, especially I’d they are accustomed to more lengthy and complicated stories.

  2. Jen@anothergranolamom

    We love this series. All of his books are worth reading, but Little Britches and The Fields of Home (where Ralph is older and lives with his grandfather) are our favorites. We have read them with 5 year olds and up, and they are entertaining but also encourage entrepreneurship and invention, two of our family goals. Thanks for the review.

  3. This is one that I haven’t heard of but would probably enjoy due to the rural aspects. What time period does the story take place in…1950s?

  4. I almost forgot to post my Read Aloud Thursday, but I remembered at the last minute. We are big fans of Little Britches here at our house, including my husband who is not a big reader. The audio books are excellent, also! My two middle kids will be introduced to these for our next school year.

  5. Ah, the long-awaited review! Well, you’ve sold me (but I’d already placed my Amazon order before making it to this post. Thankfully. Your blog could seriously do me in.) It sounds like a book that is a few years out for us though, but definitely worth the time and effort!

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