1. This sounds really fun! I think I would personally really enjoy it!

    As for boys and pirates – they are characters that we’ve rather avoided for the most part. (Minus The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.) Pirates aren’t really admirable people and I’d rather my boys not go around pretending to be one. So far we’ve been in “cute pirate” stage but I don’t think there’s *ultimately* anything cute about it so I lean more heavily on knights and dragons.

    But aside from that, I think I’d enjoy this as a piece of historical fiction and even more so if they made pirates sound less than cute!

  2. You know, I had some of the same thoughts about pirate-y literature when I read The Fiddler’s Gun (A.S. Peterson, brother to singer Andrew Peterson who’s books I adored). His was a pirate story set around the time of Revolutionary America and I was a little surprised at the violence and language. Enough that I haven’t picked up the sequel yet. : )

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