1. Your stack of board books favorites looks almost the same as ours! Have you seen Emily Gravett’s “Orange Pear Apple Bear”? My toddler loves that one. Also Nina Laden’s “Peek-a-who?” (but that might be just a little young for the DLM?). And Jez Alborough’s “Hug!” is fantastic. Our two Sandra Boynton favorites are “But not the hippopotamus” and “Barnyard Dance,” and my toddler also loves the board-book edition of “Silly Sally” by one of the Woods (I forget which of them!). Both my girls adored Gutman’s “Mommy Hugs,” but that’s probably also on the younger side for the DLM.

  2. Jocelyne

    *sniff* as I read this morning. I have a 9-month old and he is already getting appetite for books! Love it. I am trying to treasure it all – nursing and books – because I am sure he’ll be my last.

    Parker had almost all of those books as a babe. We never thought we’d be blessed with another (long story) so many of them were passed along. But we are collecting again now. And many will probably find a way to Grant’s bookshelf.

    Of all those books up there Owl Babies is my hands down favorite. Brings tears to my eyes as I remember my 4-year-old picking the book from the libraray and reading it all by himself. Now he is 8 and devours super longs books by the handful. *sigh* Sometimes I wish there was a pause button.

  3. Well, that is an emotion-packed post! I love that the DLM would turn around and give you a hug whenever you’d read the “I want my mommy” line. Priceless! Oh, tug at the heart!

    He is growing up so fast. Wow. His head looks so much older! ;D

    I loved reading this post.

  4. Favorite toddler books…. hmmm it has been a long while, I don’t really know. It was sweet to read your post though and the photos are soo cute too. Cherish the Moments… soon your babies will be 26, like my oldest will be next week. 🙂

  5. Love this post! We have an extra child this week (friend staying with us) so I didn’t get to do my own post, I’ll be back next week.

    Many of the ones you listed here are favorites of ours, especially anything by Sandra Boynton, Leslie Patricelli and Owl Babies. One of my 2 1/2 year old’s favorites right now is Dinosaur Roar by Paul Stickland. We also have a DK Truck Book that I memorized when my oldest was a toddler. Interestingly, my second son wasn’t all that interested in trucks but Ruth loves it.

  6. I think my favorite for toddlers is either “Not the Hippopotamus” or the “Belly Button Book” by Sandra Boynton. I love both of those so much. I remember that when my daughter was a toddler, she went through a phase though where she wanted a book called Peek a Boo Zoo every-single-day-many-times-a-day. She would yell “book! book!” but that was the only one she wanted. It felt like it went on like that for months but it was probably only weeks. 🙂

  7. Reading to my children is one of my favorite times of day with them all snuggled against me! I often think if I did it over, I would have read them more classic fairy tales and Bible stories and things like that when they were younger and just keep it in rotation until those stories become part of their lives.

  8. What a cute little guy, so into reading already! Great books, I always love coming here and seeing what you’re reading for my next ideas ;0) Thanks for hosting the linkup!

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