1. I have this one on my shelf still waiting to be read. It seems weird to go from half the book contemporary school/life issues to the last half fantasy. Was it a smooth transition or was it as “Huh?” as it sounds?

  2. Amy

    Megan, there is an inkling that things will change, plus just reading it as fantasy there is that expectation anyway. I believe that first quote I shared is from the first half of the book, if that helps. It’s not shocking, really, given the tone of the story, either.

  3. Great review. I really loved this book–and intend to review it in full sometime, but I’m not sure whether sometime will ever arrive. I loved the references to Narnia especially, and the way Jack’s soullessness makes him a math genius (as opposed to a creative one).

    • Amy

      Bekah, You’ve put into words something I didn’t even realize or think about while reading this book. There are certainly a lot of layers to it! I hope you find time to write your review; I’ve love to read your thoughts!

  4. Hi Amy. I checked this out of the library the other day and THOUGHT it was here that I read about it!

    After rereading your review, I’m thinking I’ll read it myself before deciding whether to read it aloud to the girls…

  5. Amy


    Yeah, I think it would be a little much for my girls yet, but maybe not for your older dd. I don’t know. I think I’ve gotten more sensitive to scary/creepy things as I’ve gotten older.

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