1. Huh. A mid-faith crisis. I think I need to read this one, too. I also tend to turn to books for a helpful solution…or evasion. I think you wrote up a great review…though I didn’t read it, you made me want to.

  2. It doesn’t seem like your sold on this one. Do you have any suggestions of book like this that you are sold on? Looking for something good (motivating, encouraging, inspiring, and teaching) to read…

  3. I had this on hold at the library but cancelled it for now. Maybe at some time in the future I’ll take it on. I’m not sure it would be such a great read for me.

  4. Ok, I’m here and I read your thoughts. I like her love of books, yes. I agreed with the statement she makes about finding the entire bookstore to be a self-help section. 🙂 But, as you read my review, you can see that I didn’t care for the book and can’t bring myself to recommend it.

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